This bar has been built out of lot of smaller projects, mostly ending up as a learning experience. 

I've spent a significant amount of time perusing forums and youtubes and reddits and all sorts of internet rabbit holes piecing together how to do stuff. Especially the electronics and programming. No one seems to make anything comprehensive to just show how to do stuff. This section of the site is going to be where I put some of that, if for no other reason so I can do it again when things inevitably break.

Hacking a Sonoff RF Bridge

Took me all damn day to filter through the Github and homeassistant forum discussions to make this work.

How to use a Sonoff RF Bridge v2.2 with Home Assistant 

Automating Holidays

The bar changes it's lighting-scenes, video wall, and music playlists if it's Christmas or Halloween season. HomeAsssistant doesn't have an easy way to do that.

The Video Wall

Inspired by professional tiki bars like Pagan Idol, I wondered if I could create a single view from multiple portholes.

Building a video wall with PiWall